Dolphins and Boat Trips

Meet the neighbours

It is a rare day in Shimoni when we don't see dolphins, and without a doubt the highlight of everyone's visit to Shimoni is the chance to have an encounter with these incredible animals. For some people it's just the thrill of seeing them in the water, for others who are confident swimmers, it is to be in the water and swim amongst them. We are careful to not harass them, but the dolphins are so friendly that they often follow the boats and stay around long enough for our guests to take advantage of this beautiful experience.

Check out some of our resident dolphins here »

A morning trip to Kisite National Marine Park will give you the chance to swim with our own local dolphins.

Check out this video from one of our recent holiday excursions!

We have different types of resident dolphins, of which the bottle-nose is the most common and usually shepherds our boats, swimming and playing off the bow, entertaining us all, until they move on to the next boat to show off again.

Check out some of the amazing acrobatics that dolphins can perform »

A day out on the water and an encounter with dolphins has a way of bringing friends and family together, making the world a better place and bringing the best out of us all. For old and young alike, this is a magical experience that will never be forgotten.