Island Discovery

When is the last time you had an island to yourself?

South of Shimoni are the islands of Wasini, Kisite, Upper Pengutti, Lower Pengutti, and Makokokwe. To the north is Funzi Island. We can make a plan for you to visit any or all of them over a couple of days.

As the tide goes out, Kisite Island appears, rising from the bay, revealing a sand bar with a fringing coral reef. Surrounded by shoals of fish and coral with resident schools of dolphins that pass by, this protected reserve is at the heart of marine conservation in Kenya.

When you want to take off your flippers and mask and have an island all to yourself for a few hours, there is no better place than Upper and Lower Pengutti Islands. Only private tours organised through Shimoni Reef Lodge will deliver you to this Robinson Crusoe experience, where you will practically own the island during your stay. The perfect blend of romance and adventure.

On our privately organised boat trips to the islands, we work around the tides to optimise your time to visit the islands and give you the privacy to explore them on your own, discovering all their secrets. You'll have to leave when the tide comes in, but you'll never forget your visit.