Low-tide walks

Take a walk on the wild tide

Every day we enjoy a high tide when you can swim and a low tide which allows you to walk along and explore the edge of the Wasini Channel. This is where fishermen return with their daily catch and you can negotiate and buy your own fresh lunch or dinner which we will gladly prepare for you, or just window shop where we get our seafood.

Landing on the islands of Penguti or Wasin at low tide lets you discover what the ocean has now uncovered. Make a plan with some refreshments, sandals, sunscreen and a hat and explore the archipelago.

On your doorstep, right below the lodge, take a long, low-tide walk to the where the Wasini and Pemba Channels come together. You'll see crabs and fish in tidal pools, shallow water to swim or sit in, and a fringing coastal forest above you. It's a great way to build up an appetite before lunch and don't be scared to chat with the spear fishermen returning with their catch or even find some buried treasure.