Wasini Island

The Coral Island

Sparsely populated with a village at either end, Wasini Island is an enigma. Disconnected from the mainland and the last populated outpost on the southern coast of Kenya, Wasini is infamous for its Baobab tree forest, the village of Wasini with its ethnic Swahili people and the centuries old trade link with the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

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Undoubtedly the most famous restaurant on Wasini is Pillipipa, which offers a set lunch of delicious seafood every day. Pillipipa is also our preferred diving partner. If you're exploring Wasini in the morning, find shelter during the heat of the day and enjoy their lunch, or if you're diving in the morning you can stay on for lunch as well at the Pillipipa restaurant.

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Wasini's 2 tribes, the Vumba and the Mwikro, live in the villages of Wasini and Mwkiro and inland in the hamlet Nyuma Maji, meaning "behind the water" in Swahili. Together they make up the island's 3,000 residents.

Wasini's coral garden is an inner sea water lagoon that floods and empties every day with the tide. At low tide beautiful coral formations appear that you can visit without needing your mask and flippers.

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